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Jeppe Heritage Route is launched

Jeppe Heritage Route is launched

Last Friday, as part of the 2024 Old Boys Reunion Day, the Jeppe Heritage Route was opened.

It consists of a walking tour around the school grounds, with stops at 12 sites, each one a historically significant feature of the campus. At each site there is a totem – a permanent banner – telling the story behind the feature, and why it is significant.

The route forms part of the Jeppe Heritage Project – the creation of an interactive experience which will include the establishment of a museum in the War Memorial building.

The 12 sites are:

1 The War Memorial

2 Centenary House

3 Oribi House

4 The Koppie

5 The Summer House

6 The Stables

7 Tsessebe House

8 Droste House

9 Thabana House

10 The Innovation Hub and the Retaining Wall

11 The Memorial Hall

12 The Payne Hall

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