Jeppe High School for Boys

Jeppe High School for Boys

for the brave nothing is too difficult

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Over 100 years of inspiring boys to perform in the classroom, on the sportsfields and in cultural activities. A diverse learning environment in which teamwork and joint effort is encouraged, while also striving to accommodate the needs and interests of the individual.


A culture of excellence challenges boys to become the best possible versions of themselves.


The school motto, “Nothing is too difficult for the brave” is embedded in the school culture which calls for effort and discourages surrender.


The Jeppe brotherhood creates bonds that extend beyond the school years and last a lifetime


Jeppe boys are expected to become good men. Thoughtful, confident and kind.


Respect for themselves and for others is a one of our core values.

Jeppe's Ethos

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Supporting boys in realising their goals

Sports and Culture

Extra-curricular activities are part of the learning process at Jeppe. Boys are expected to be dedicated and committed, to give of their best, without making winning competitions their only aim in competing.


Boarding has been a vital part of the Jeppe community for over a century. The Boarding Houses provide a safe and nurturing environment, a home from home in which boys are supported to reach their full potential.

Academic offering

Academic performance is at the centre of all that we do at Jeppe. Boys are expected to give full effort in all that they do, but academic activities will always take precedence.

Pastoral Care

Jeppe has a system of houses, tutors and a school-based support team, all aimed at taking the whole boy into account and ensuring that they have many places to go for support, guidance and help.

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Jeppe High School for Boys is Johannesburg’s oldest public school having been established in 1890 in Fairview, Johannesburg. As noted in the book Historic Schools of South Africa “perhaps more than any other Johannesburg school, it reflects the history and changing character of the city and has always been a melting pot for children of diverse socioeconomic, language and cultural backgrounds”

Dale Jackson

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Jeppe Boys Association

The JBA founded in 2009 exists to build the bridge between the School and Jeppe Old Boys, as well as other interested staff parents and friends who have supported, and continue to support Jeppe’s efforts to remain one of South Africa’s foremost government schools.

theo jackson scholarship fund

When Dale and Craig established the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund in 2005, it was with the idea of extending the opportunities they had enjoyed throughout their life. Their altruistic gesture has mushroomed into a significant concern with a robust structure which, although carefully managed, remains a vital support for the boys it aims to help.

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