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At Jeppe High School for Boys, education is not limited to the classroom. We believe that co-curricular activities play an essential role in a student’s experience, helping them grow in mind, body, and spirit, and complementing their academic learning. Each activity is designed with these goals in mind, providing a well-rounded education that prepares our students for success in all areas of life.

Why students prefer Jeppe's sports offering

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.

Our offered sports

2024 Athletics Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Athletics

Track and field athletics is one of the oldest sporting codes on offer at Jeppe. The Interhouse competition, now called the Dudley Wallendorf Shield has been going for 100 years, so the sport has been in existence at the school for at least that long.

The athletics programme takes place in the 1st and 4th terms, involving the school’s top athletes who are given the opportunity to participate in inter-school meetings, culminating in trials for the Gauteng provincial teams and the national championships.

2024 Basketball Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Basketball
2024 U14 Basketball Festival Programme

Basketball is a summer sport at Jeppe. Matches are played in the 1st and 4th terms, usually as part of the traditional fixture programme alongside water polo and cricket.

It is the fastest-growing sporting code at the school. Up to 15 teams are fielded in interschool fixtures. The school participates in the big Johannesburg tournaments, at 1stteam and age group levels. Jeppe hosts the annual Gauteng Under-14 Basketball Festival.

The popularity of the game at Jeppe has coincided with the rapid growth of basketball at schools in the country. It the last 10 years it has transformed from a minor, niche activity to a major, mass participation sport. This has led to major improvements in the levels of coaching and umpiring and an increase in the quality of interschool competition.

Jeppe currently has three permanent all-weather basketball courts and  state-of-the-art electronic scoring system.

2024 Cricket Fixtures
2024 Practice Scedule – Cricket

Cricket is a very popular summer sport at Jeppe and it has been one of the most successful over the years. It is a mass participation activity and the school fields up to 19 teams in regular interschool matches.

The activity runs in the 1st and 4th term and games are played against our traditional boys schools rivals. Jeppe teams also participate in the Johnny Waite Knockout tournament and at festivals in various parts of the country, along with most of the top cricket schools in the country.

The sport has a long and proud history at the school and a long list of provincial and national honours earned by Jeppe players.

The school has four fields with turf wickets, 12 turf nets and a state-of-the-art indoor practice facility.

Jeppe is one of the 10 schools in the country that has been awarded Blue Chip status by Cricket South Africa.

2024 Cross Country Fixtures
Park Run Giloolies on Saturdays

Cross country is a winter sporting code with interschool meetings taking place in the second term. It is highly competitive – our teams run in a highly-organised league structure – but it is also a lifestyle activity aimed at instilling a love of running in the boys and encouraging to develop healthy exercise habits that will continue beyond school.

It is taken very seriously by the top runners and the school provided top-class coaching for them.

Two teams, a senior and a junior, run in the Central Gauteng Schools competition and those teams include serious athletes and social runners. The meetings are held at some spectacular venues, providing great experiences for the runners.

The top athletes each year proceed to the inter-area and inter-district competitions and are in line for provincial selection.

Jeppe has an annual interhouse cross country run which doubles up as the school championships.

2024 Golf Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Golf

Golf is a summer activity, taking place in the 1st and 4th terms.

It is a specialised sport which, by its nature, can only cater for a limited number of boys. The school has four teams, three that play in competitions and a development squad.

The competition teams play in the Gauteng Schools Gold League on a weekly basis, against the top schools in the province, and on the top courses around the city. Golf is regarded as a serious activity at the school. It is well organised and strictly controlled. Players must have attained a certain standard before they are allowed to represent the school.

Our home course is the Observatory Golf Club.

2024 Hockey Fixtures

Hockey is arguably the most successful sporting code at the school.

It is a winter sport, played mainly in the second term and it is very popular: the school can field up to 16 teams in weekly interschool competitions.

In addition to weekly fixtures against our traditional rivals, Jeppe competes in annual festivals in all the age groups (under-14, under-16, and opens), with the 1st team regularly receiving invitations to the big national festivals where they play against the top schools in the country.

The first and under-15 teams play in the Aitken Cup and Boden Trophy tournament, involving all the Southern Gauteng schools and have been very successful in both competitions over the years. The under-16 team is part of the Gauteng Top 8 tournament.

Jeppe regularly contributes a large number of players to the Southern Gauteng provincial teams in the various age groups and a number of players from the school have gone on to earn national colours at various levels.

2024 Mountain Biking Fixtures

Mountain biking is a new sport at schools in Gauteng. Jeppe participates in the local league competition and mountain biking forms part of the annual multi-sport winter exchange programmes with KwaZulu-Natal schools, meaning that our mountain bikers players go on tour every year. Jeppe is one of the few schools that has its own 3km mountain bike track on its campus. Interschool competitions have been staged on it and it hosts the annual Jeppe Old Boys vs School Mountain Bike Challenge, a very popular event.

2024 Orienteering Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Orienteering

Orienteering is a new sport at the school. It is a summer sport, running in the 1st and 4th term and Jeppe competes in a well-structured league competition, with meetings every week.

Orienteering can be described as a cross between cross-country and mapwork. It is an endurance sport which also requires mental skills, which makes it a unique activity that appeals to certain types of sportspeople.

There are between 60 and 70 boys who compete in orienteering and they compete in the top division of the Gauteng Interschool leagues. Meetings are held on a weekly basis at various venues. Jeppe hosts one of the meetings.

Jeppe High School for Boys’ teams up with Jeppe High School for Girls to compete in non-league co-ed events.

2024 Rowing Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Rowing

Jeppe was one of the founder schools of rowing in Johannesburg. In 1958 Dr JRD Tomlinson, a Jeppe old boy, encouraged his nephew Martin Maine, the coxswain of the Wemmer Pan crew, who was at the school to get a Jeppe crew together. He coached them and in 1959 he approached Anglo Vaal, who purchased three Fours and donated them to Jeppe, KES and Parktown. With this, schoolboy rowing was born. Today the rowing club has over 100 members and enters boats in all the classes in interschool regattas, the Buffalo Challenge, the SA Schools Boat Race and the SA Schools Championships. Jeppe has a boathouse at Victoria Lake in Germiston.

2024 Rugby Fixtures

Rugby is the biggest winter sporting code at Jeppe. It is played predominantly in the second term, with some matches also taking place in the first and third terms.

Jeppe fields up to 21 teams in regular interschool matches and the policy is that every team will play a match every week during the season. Rugby fixtures run parallel to hockey and we play against all the boys schools in Gauteng as well as part of an annual winter sports exchange with Durban’s Westville Boys’ High School.

The first team plays in one of the Easter Rugby Festivals and also at the Grey High School Festival in Port Elizabeth. The under-16, under-15 an under-14 A teams also attend a festival every year. Jeppe hosts a national under-16 festival.

There is an emphasis on quality coaching for all the teams. Every age group has a teacher in charge. The first team is assisted by specialist consultants from the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

2024 Football Fixtures

Soccer has a long history at Jeppe. It was the major winter sport at the school until rugby took on that role in the 1950s. It has been re-established as a major sport, played mainly in the third term of the year and it is growing in popularity.

There are two parts to the activity – a mass participation programme that runs in the third term and involves up to 16 teams playing midweek matches against our traditional boys’ schools rivals as well as several co-ed schools. Alongside that, there is a High Performance Programme* (by invitation only) which sees the senior players play all year and enter a number of major tournaments around the country.

In the third term, all the age groups play in tournaments, including an under-16 festival which is hosted by Jeppe. Jeppe also hosts a community Cup tournament to which the schools in the suburbs around the school are invited.

The sport is well-resourced and well organised and qualified coaches and referees are used.

*Boys interested in the High Performance Programme are to see Mr Gittins. This is for seniors only.

2024 Squash Fixtures

Squash has a long history at the school. It is a winter sports activity, played in the 2nd and 3rd terms.

There are currently around 70 active players. Jeppe has teams in the Gauteng Schools leagues in the various age groups. Squash teams also travel to Durban every second year as part of the Jeppe-Westville Boys’ High winter sports exchange programme.

The Dave Quayle Squash Centre has four glass-backed courts which are well-used throughout the year. The top players follow year-round training and competitions programmes in the school and at outside clubs.

2024 Swimming Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Aquatics

Swimming is a summer activity running in the 1st and 4th  terms. It is part of the school’s aquatics programme, alongside water polo, and it involves a programme of interschool galas, as well as participation in several open water events including the Midmar Mile and the Sun City Swim.

The swimming team competes in galas on Wednesdays against the boys schools in Johannesburg and Pretoria and in relay and individual swimmer interhigh meetings at the end of the season.

Jeppe has a state-of the-art aquatic centre for training and the school hosts interschool galas, including the relay interhigh gala.

2024 Tennis Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule -Tennis

The school’s tennis courts were converted into basketball courts in the 1980s, which meant the sport took a backseat for a few years. It has been revitalised in recent years, using practice facilities at Jeppe High School for Girls and playing our home matches there and at Rhodes Park Tennis club. The school enters teams in the local junior and senior leagues and tennis regularly forms part of the annual multi-sport winter exchange programmes with KwaZulu-Natal schools, meaning that our tennis players go on tour every year.  

2024 Water Polo Fixtures
2024 Practice Schedule – Aquatics
2024 Ken Short Programme

Water polo is a summer sport, played in the 1st and 4th terms. Fixtures are arranged in association with cricket and basketball, although all the teams play in a number of additional tournaments during the year.

The first team plays in the most prestigious national tournaments and has been very competitive in them over the years. All the age groups go on at least one tour during the season.

Jeppe hosts the national under-14 tournament – the Ken Short Festival every year.

The teams practice and play in the school’s aquatics centre which is also the home pool of the Jeppe Old Boys Club. The old boys provide coaching and other support to the school teams.

Water polo is a popular sporting option at the school and the teams have been very successful over the years.

THe latest sporting news

Sports news

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