Jeppe High School for Boys

Our Leadership

Jeppe Boys High School in Johannesburg, South Africa, is led by a team of experienced and dedicated educators who are committed to providing a holistic education to their students.

The School’s Headmaster, Mr Dale Jackson became the school’s 16th Headmaster in 2018. An old boy of the school, Mr Jackson has deep ties with Jeppe High School for Boys and is passionate about both the fundamental values which underpin our school and the necessary growth all great institutions must continue to strive for. He is supported by a team of Deputy Principals, who oversee various spheres within the school, including Pastoral Care, Academics, Innovation & Co-Curricular.

The school leadership also works closely with the school’s governing body, made up of parents and community members who provide valuable input and support. Together, they strive to create a positive, inclusive, and stimulating environment where boys can grow and develop into well-rounded young men who will go on to be good husbands, good partners, good fathers and good citizens of the country.

Our Leadership

Dale Jackson, Headmaster
Senior Deputy Headmaster – Peter Murison
Deputy Headmistress – Collette Rattray
Deputy Headmaster – Jason Tee
Director of Boarding – Bryan Hillock
Housemaster of Duiker – Drickus Venter
Housemaster of Eland – Gilbert De Villiers
Housemaster of Impala – Brett Riskowitz
Housemaster of Koodoo – Olivia Clark
Housemaster of Oribi – David Williams
Housemaster of Roan – Toby Craig
Housemaster of Sable – Bryan Hillock
Housemaster of Tsessebe – Kabelo Mhlanga
Head of Grade 12 – Daniel van der Merwe
Head of Grade 11 – Nirvana Sookdev
Head of Grade 10 – Nic McCann
Head of Grade 9  – Elzanne Hlekani
Head of Grade 8 – Lydon Smit

Head of Department – English FET – Sharon Doubell

Head of Department – English GET – Karen Dickinson
Head of Department – Afrikaans – Anelda Clark
Head of Department – IsiZulu – Lister Moyo
Head of Department – Life Orientation – Daniel Van der Merwe
Head of Department – Mathematics – Jessica Sutherland
Head of Department – Mathematical Literacy – Drickus Venter
Head of Department – Business Studies & EMS – Tserai Ntuli
Head of Department – Accounting – Fabio Matteucci
Head of Department – CAT – Nirvana Sookdev
Head of Department – Information Technology – Pam Raper
Head of Department – Creative Arts: Drama – Bronwen Kemp
Head of Department – Geography – Lindy-Ann Theunissen
Head of Department – History – Leaza Jernberg
Head of Department – EGD & Technology – Riaan Van Blerk
Head of Department – Life Sciences – Sayuri Chetty
Head of Department – Physical Sciences – Olivia Clark
Head of Department – Natural Sciences – Lydon Smit
Head of Department – Visual Arts & Creative Arts: Art – Deon Van Dorp