Jeppe High School for Boys

Parktown Boys’ High School Festival

Parktown Boys’ High School Festival

The Jeppe U14A hockey and rugby teams participated in the Parktown Boys’ High School Festival on the first weekend of the holidays.

The hockey team was unbeaten in four games, while the rugby boys won one and lost one.

The hockey team started on a bright note by beating King Edward 4-0, and they followed that up with a 6-0 victory over St. David’s Marist Inanda. On day two, they beat Linden 7-0 and St. John’s 5-0, becoming the only team to win all four of their games.

The rugby team was beaten 19-5 by Linden on the first day. It was a good performance, given that their opponents were from Afrikaans primary schools, where rugby is played from an early age.

They then put it together in their second outing, beating Dale College 25-7.

U14A Hockey results

Match 1King Edward0Jeppe4
Match 2St David’s Marist Inanda0Jeppe6
Match 3Linden0Jeppe7
Match 4St John’s College0Jeppe5

U14A Rugby results

Match 1Linden19Jeppe5
Match 2Dale College7Jeppe25

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