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Rights Day, RCL stationery drive

Rights Day, RCL stationery drive

Adrian Faure

One of the tasks of the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is to mobilise the school to contribute towards charity drives, and two of its projects, a stationery drive and a bottle top and bread packaging tag collection, have come to an end.

The stationery drive was focused around Human Rights Day in the belief that everyone has a right to education, but the economic situation in the country has seen many people unable to afford basic educational needs. 

So, leading up to Human Rights Day, the RCL decided to embark on a stationery drive. They urged the Jeppe community to show their support by collecting items that would be donated to underprivileged schools. Sable House put their best foot forward and managed to donate the most items. 

The tops and tags collection is a long-term RCL campaign. The tops and tags collected will be given to a charity that recycles them and uses the money to purchase wheelchairs, which are donated to those who need them. As a school, Jeppe collected 129 kg of bottle tops and just under 2 kg of bread tags in a span of just six weeks. 

The class that collected the most tops and tags, just shy of 40 kg, was Mrs. Chetty’s tutor class (Koodoo House). The second largest contribution, a commendable 28 kg, was made by Adrian Faure from Mrs. K. Dickinson’s tutor class. 

Pictured is the Sable House stationery collection and Ms Chetty’s tutor class

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