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Keeper Zaeem gets an overseas trial

Keeper Zaeem gets an overseas trial

Zaeem Laher has just returned from Italy where he underwent an assessment as a football goalkeeper, followed by trials at two clubs: Cadimere and Cannaleto.

He was sent there by his coach at the local Olympiakos club and, if successful, he could be given a youth contract with one of the clubs.

“That’s what I am hoping for, although I accept that the standard was very high,” he said. “At the least, the fact that I went means that my profile has risen, which will be good for me in the future.”

Zaeem played for the U14A and U15A teams at Jeppe, but was injured last year and could not turn out for the U16s. “I will be playing for the school if I don’t go back, of course, and I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

Zaeem was away in Italy for four weeks, but kept up with his schoolwork. “My teachers gave me the work and I was able to do the lessons online,” he said. He also played A team rugby in grades 8 and 9, and will be playing again once this assessment is over.

“I have loved my time at Jeppe,” he said. “If do go to follow my football dreams, it will be with a heavy heart.”

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