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6th Rugby team go to Headmaster’s Tea

6th Rugby team go to Headmaster’s Tea

The 6th rugby team were the guests at Headmaster’s Tea on Wednesday following their 17-15 win over King Edward last week.

It was, in fact their first victory of the season, their coach, Mr Sileno said, and it was well-deserved, coming after a steady improvement in the team. “These boys take their rugby seriously,” he said. “They are all at practice every time, and they are disciplined and work hard.”

Dr Tee, the deputy headmaster in charge of co-curricular activities, thanked the team for their dedication and said they represent the type of Jeppe boys that the school in hoping to develop.

“In a way, you have marked a new direction in our open rugby,” he said. “In the past we would battle to field a fifth team, now we have sixths and sevens,” he said. “To find enjoyment in playing, away from the limelight, but doing your best and enjoying yourselves, is exactly what sport at school should be all about.”

An interesting feature of the team is the presence of two sets of twins in the ranks. The Burkett boys, Sean and Callum, and the Dubernards, Jaden and Ryan were there in the Rowan Room on Wednesday, tucking in to the eats.

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