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RCL supports women of all ages

RCL supports women of all ages

The Jeppe RCL ran a very successful campaign leading up to Women’s Day and would like to acknowledge the efforts put in by the boys as well as the generosity of the Jeppe parents.

The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) proposed to honour females of all ages, from infants to the elderly by collecting the following items to donate to various organisations:

1. Wet wipes, diapers, baby products for children’s home, Door of Hope. (Eland and Sable)
2. Sanitary pads for the Menstruation Foundation – Alleviating period poverty. (Koodoo and Tsessebe)
3. Pre-loved clothing and sanitary pads for women’s shelter, Frida Hartley Shelter. (Duiker and Roan)
4. Adult diapers for Nazareth House nursing home for the elderly. (Oribi and Impala)

The pairing of Houses ensured that enough items were collected for each donation site.

In addition to the collection, the RCL sold purple ribbons at the Jeppe vs KES derby day. In doing so, they managed to collect just under R4000, which was used to purchase additional items.

The RCL would like to extend a huge thanks to all the parents and learners who supported the campaign. 

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. 

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