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Otsile leads RCL recycling drive

Otsile leads RCL recycling drive

Otsile Nkadimeng is a budding environmentalist with a passion for educating his peers about climate change.

During a recent RCL meeting he proposed that they take the lead on paper recycling, by placing large paper recycling bins around the school. The project had been in the pipeline since the beginning of May, and it finally commenced this month.

There are five bins located in the following areas – new science block, tech block, printing room, between the lockers (outside Payne Hall), and the Afrikaans block.

The main aim of this recycling drive, according to Mrs Suyari Chetty, the teacher in charge of the RCL, is “to create environmental awareness and to foster social responsibility amongst the Jeppe staff and learners”.

The RCL would like to extend this project to include the collection of plastic in the coming months. They hope to inspire the learners to make a change for a brighter tomorrow.

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