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Miguel is our latest international

Miguel is our latest international

Miguel Vigario will be representing South Africa at the 2023 Africa Beach Games in Tunisia, next week. This is the African qualifier for the World Beach Games that will be held later this year

He is in the mens Air Badminton team, a variation of the game which, he explains, is played on a court marked out on a beach.

“In air badminton we use a heavier shuttlecock which is not as affected by the wind,” he said. “There are three in a team and you have to take turns in making shots, like in volley ball.”

Miguel is a very good regular badminton player. He has represented Eastern Gauteng many times and in 2021 he was chosen for the national junior team to go to the All Africa U15 Championships, but the tournament was cancelled due to Covid, so he never received his colours.

“It was at the last interprovincial tournament that I was selected to go to the air badminton trials and I made this team there. There is an All Africa U19 championship for proper badminton next year and I am hoping to make that team.”

Miguel is our latest junior international sportsman, we are very proud of him.

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