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Matrics Jordan Eshen

Matrics Jordan Eshen

Jordan Eshen’s seven distinctions in matric 2022 was, he says, the fulfilment of a dream that began in his Grade 8 year, and a lot of hard work ever since, with that aim in mind.

“In the second term of Grade 8, I made the Top 10 list and I decided then that I wanted to stay on it and be among the top achievers when I got to the end of Grade 12,” he said. “Once I got going on that, I received so much support from my family and from my teachers, I could not have done it without them.”

The healthy rivalry with his peers, and the support system that they formed among themselves, also played a huge part. “Throughout the years, the top 10 group stayed mainly the same and we became close friends. We were in competition, but we also supported each other all the way. I think the idea of termly top 10 announcements is a very good way to encourage academic excellence at the school.”

Jordan missed out on a distinction in FS Mathematics, so he never got a full house, but he is very happy with his results. He will be going to Wits this year where he will be studying engineering.

We are very proud of Jordan and will be following his progress eagerly.   

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