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Matrics Devon Lacy

Matrics Devon Lacy

Devon Lacy, our top matric performer for 2022, is naturally delighted with his results and excited about embarking on the next step in his journey.

He earned nine distinctions, narrowly missing out on a 10th, and has been accepted to study Actuarial Science at Wits University this year. “I was disappointed with the 77% I got in Business Studies and I will be applying for a remark,” he said, “but I’m happy and proud of what I have achieved and am ready to throw myself into the next challenge at Wits.”

Devon credits his success to the support team he had surrounding him. “Of course I had to work hard, but I had my friends and the study group we formed, my family and my teachers, of course, all behind me all the way,” he said.

We haven’t seen the last of Devon at the school. He will be coaching the tennis team and is keen to carry on with the tutoring of other boys that he has been doing for the last two years.

“When I was in grade 11 a group of matrics started an academic support group to offer help to boys who were struggling with their subjects. I became part of that and carried on with it last year. As far as my university work will allow it, I hope to carry on with it again in 2023.”

We are very proud of Devon and will be following his progress keenly.

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