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Jeppe rugby to benefit from GPS technology

Jeppe rugby to benefit from GPS technology

The Jeppe 1st rugby team, thanks to the generosity of Rhino, one of our sponsors, will be using the latest GPS technology to monitor their performance, in training and during matches.

Rhino has given the school, to trial for one year, a Pitchero GPS system, along with 20 player tracker pods. The devices will be worn by the players during training sessions and matches and the data they collect is then downloaded and recorded by the system and can be analysed.

Jeppe’s head of strength and conditioning, Mr Eugene Le Maitre explains that the data can be classified according to specific parameters and then be processed by him and the coaches, and the programme can be adjusted accordingly.

“The ultimate objective is optimal performance in the matches and the information gathered in this way will be used in pursuit of that,” he said.

The parameters that can be measured include, for example, total distance covered in a session, metres run per second, period of maximum exertion, significant impacts and even the paths that a player takes on the field.

“We can monitor a player’s progress through the season, compare his efforts to other players, and measure the performance of individuals, and the team, against norms and standards that are recorded in the system and have been set, mainly, by the professional teams who have been using the technology for some time now,” Mr Le Maitre said.

The boys have been wearing the devices in pre-season training for the past two weeks and they have already been useful. “We have been able to keep a close eye on the duration and intensity of the sessions, which is always tricky early in the season,” Mr Le Maitre said. “We are building a data base for each player and it will become more useful as the season progresses and we collect more data. We don’t have any measurements from match situations yet and that is, of course very important.”

Mr Drickus Venter, the head coach of the 1st team said he is excited to be incorporating the technology into his training programme. “We are grateful to Rhino, and I’m looking forward to see what improvements the use of these devices will bring,” he said.

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