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Debaters off to a bright start

Debaters off to a bright start

On Saturday the 10th of February 2024, our debating season kicked off with the first senior SACEE regional rounds being hosted at Jeppe High School for Boys.  

With nothing but a pen, a piece of paper, and the eagerness to discuss or dispute various topics, teams from across the region mustered up their courage and intellectual thinking to engage in academic conversations.

With a wide range of topics, some of which included the merits of cosmetic surgery, in addition to the rights of prisoners and the balance between punishment and rehabilitation, the debating sessions began. 

Our first team boys endured a tough start as they lost to Kingsmead College and Crawford Lonehill but came out strongly with a win against Athlone Girls’ High School. Our second team boys brought home two wins from three rounds. While the boys had lost against Parktown High School for Girls, they brought home victory against Redhill School and Waterstone College.

Both the first and second team have three more rounds in the regional competition with the aim of claiming their respective places for the next competition, the Provincial Championships in April.

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