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Four Prefect’s Shields in a row for Sable House

Four Prefect’s Shields in a row for Sable House

Sable won the prestigious Prefect’s Shield – the schools interhouse competition – for the 4th year in a row. There was no competition in 2020 because of Covid.

Points are awarded in interhouse contests in 16 categories, including almost all of the school sporting activities, as well as academics, public speaking, quiz, chess and drama.
Sable House came 1st in five categories – athletics, rugby, hockey, quiz and drama. They were second in four others – basketball, English public speaking, Afrikaans public speaking and isiZulu public speaking.
Koodoo came second, just four points behind Sable and ahead of the other boarding houses, Oribi and Tsessebe. That was a remarkable performance by a day boy house, after finishing in seventh place last year.

The heads of Sable house, Miguel de Jesus (2023) and Excelsior Khumalo (2024) say their success is due to a combination of a passionate teacher group under Mr Hillock, and the boys who worked very hard and were determined to build in the legacy of the past and to maintain the standards of excellence set.
“Mr Hillock drove the process all the way,” Miguel said. “And Mr Shai, who managed the process by drawing up training schedules and kept the boys involved, played a big part.”
Excelsior realises he has a big task ahead of him. “I have the boys in my grade on my side and, as next year’s leaders, we will be going all-out to build on this year’s success,” he said.
Final Positions
1 Sable 96
2 Koodoo 92
3 Oribi 89
4 Tsessebe 88
5 Duiker 77
6 Roan 74
7 Impala 70
8 Eland 62

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