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Dr Hammond’s book is published

Dr Hammond’s book is published


Dr Reg Hammond, our school counsellor has had his book published.


It’s called Umoya: Upgrade your Mind to Boost your Performance, and it’s about living to your full potential by being inspired and passionately curious. “Umoya is an African word meaning spirit, purpose, or air,” Dr Hammomd explains, “the book is about purposefully moving in the direction of one’s personal mountaintop while constantly maxing out one’s moments and adding value wherever one goes.”

It’s no coincidence that what the book is trying to achieve ties in with the values that Jeppe tries to instil in the young men that pass through the school. “It’s an authentically Jeppe footprint – a channel through which Jeppe old boys can continue to influence current and future generations. It captures almost two decades of research with top achievers combined with thousands of golden nuggets shared by Jeppe old boys over a period of more than 15 years,” Dr Hammond said.

“It has always been my mission to create a channel through which our amazing old boys could continue to influence current and future generations long after they have completed their schooling. From their stories I have drawn a plethora of success principles and designed the Umoya Success System that our Jeppe family members can employ to inhabit their fullness, to create the life of their dreams, and to make a considerable impact in their respective communities.

“I would like to thank the Jeppe Old Boys for their generosity. For making me the custodian of their life stories, insights, and words of wisdom. I promise to do everything in my power to continue to create an environment in which your legacy and influence can live on long after you are gone from the school.”

Dr Hammond is in in the process of building an Umoya App that is linked to the book. It will empower the Jeppe family by enhancing awareness and promoting self- and situational management proficiencies. The App is designed to enhance a variety of other skills too, including preparation, time management, focus, motivation, and mental skills. It will be launched January 2024 along with a You Tube channel.

Jeppe old boys are encouraged to continue to send their “golden nuggets” to To find out more visit

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