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The secret is to give it a big push at the end

The secret is to give it a big push at the end

Ethan Serra Coehlo’s seven matric distinctions, he says, were the result of paying attention in class, all the time. “It helped that I had really inspirational teachers who were great to listen to,” he said. “The secret was to never fall behind. That way, I had an excellent set of notes in June, and then I gave it a final big push.”

That educational philosophy was what he tried to instill in other Jeppe boys as head of the Academic Support programme – a learner-led initiative in the school in which the high achieving academic boys help those who are struggling. “I enjoyed being part of it and I think it is an important part of Jeppe.” “I loved my time at Jeppe,” he said. “It was definitely the right school for me.”

Ethan is going to UCT now to study Actuarial Science, we will be keeping an eye on his progress.

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