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The amazing story of Chad Markgraaf

The amazing story of Chad Markgraaf

“Upon first coming back to Jeppe as an old boy in 2021, I was taken on a tour through Droste House by my former housemaster, Kyle McClean. Mr McClean first took me into the prep room and showed me that he had decided to put up the words I used as a quote of the year during my time at Droste the year prior. Words which read: ‘DO WHAT IS HARD’. Words which I try to live my life by.

During 1 July – 8 October 2023 I ran 100 marathons in 100 days in an attempt to raise funds for my buddy , Kyle Dally. Kyle is suffering from skin cancer and as a result was in need of financial assistance for his treatment. I am extremely grateful to say that through the grace of God and the efforts of the many gracious people around me, we were able to raise R240 000 for Kyle in the process of running 4220km in 100 days.

What was the most memorable day out of the 100? Day 88/100. Apart from it being my 21st birthday , I too had the immense privilege of being able to speak to the Jeppe boys about the 100 marathons. Having stood on the podium that day , I couldn’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude in the thought that I had actually made true my own words. Not only in running the 100 marathons , but in doing what was hard.

From 1 November – 31 December 2024 I will be embarking on another 4000 km journey in which I will be attempting to run the entire length of South Africa. Running from capital city to capital city in each province in an attempt to be the first person ever to do it. I am honoured to say that this time around , all proceeds from the run will go directly to the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund, acting as a way of giving back to a school which has given so much to me.

I too am in the final stages of releasing an e-book titled ‘The Way of the Warrior’ in which I give more insight into the 100 marathons I ran last year. It was through the process of writing this book that I was able to realise the importance of the role that Jeppe has played in making me the man I am today. A school which taught me that nothing is too difficult for the brave. Forti Nihil Difficiulius.”

Thank you Chad, for being an inspiration to the entire Jeppe Community.

A true example of turning black and white into gold.

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