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Silver medal for Tiano

Silver medal for Tiano

Tiano Azevedo-Trocado came back from the KSI Karate World Championships in Cape Town after the holidays with the silver medal in the U14/15 Kumite section.

“I won all my Kumite fights, including the bout that put me through to final, in which I landed a kick, less than a second before the end,” he said. “I met another South African, from Cape Town in the final, but lost to him.”

Tiano, who is in Grade 9 at the moment has been doing Karate since he was five years old. “My dad is an active sportsman, he cycles and plays soccer, and he wanted to give me the chance to get involved in something different to him. Once I started, I found that I loved it and I am hooked on it now.”

Tiano has a junior Brown belt and is hoping to qualify for Black shortly. “I will definitely carry on with the sport and will be going for senior Black in the years to come.

Tiago lives in Edenvale but chose to come to Jeppe along with several friends from his primary school. He is not sorry. “I love it at Jeppe, the way that the boys stick together is great and they have all been very supportive of me and congratulated me when they heard what I have achieved,” he said.

Tiano plays basketball and soccer at the school and would love to play rugby, but he was injured doing Karate shortly before rugby season last year and this year. “I haven’t given up on it, though, I want to play rugby for Jeppe before I leave.”

Congratulations, Tiano, we will be watching your progress keenly.

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