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Sable boarders spruce up Jeppe Prep

Sable boarders spruce up Jeppe Prep

A group of Sable House boarders, along with a number of parents and Sable staff members spent a day at Jeppe High Schools Preparatory School last weekend. They painted the quad area in vibrant colours; tended to the gardens, planted new shrubs, and generally cleaned up the campus, leaving a positive mark on the school environment.

There was an overwhelming turnout of not only Sable boys but also their parents and their collective commitment will significantly impact the schooling experience of our junior brothers and sisters.

The day also provided an opportunity for students to engage with parents and teachers, fostering stronger bonds among already existing friendships.

Together, we celebrated the physical improvements made to Jeppe Prep, ending up with Mr Fourie and Mr van der Merwe overseeing an enjoyable braai for boys and parents.

Jeppe Prep’s deputy headmistress, Mrs Snyders, expressed her gratitude for our hard work and said she eagerly anticipates the joy on the faces of their students when they return next year.

Community service and outreach is a fundamental value instilled in every Sable Boy, reflecting the broader ethos of being a Jeppe Boy. Residing in boarding teaches a vital lesson – life is not just about oneself, but about consideration for others.

A special thank you to Mr Hillock for his role in planning and executing the project, to M. Franken for donating the boerewors, Mr Stegman for organising paint, equipment and transport, and to Ms. Langenstrass from Feedem, and Eddie Bruwer from Amila for donating the refreshments.

– Blaike Zodiates, head of outreach Sable 2024.

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