Jeppe High School for Boys

Pule Langa, an Academic over-achiever

Pule Langa, an Academic over-achiever

Pule Langa’s high school career ended on a high note, with him earning seven distinctions in the 2023 final exams. He missed out by just one percent in his ninth subject. He has been an academic over-achiever throughout his time at Jeppe and won one of the top prizes at the Grade 12 awards evening late last year – the HF Schoon Trophy for Bilinguism, for his performance in Afrikaans and English, both of which he got distinctions in at the end of the year.

In his time at Jeppe, Pule also excelled in debating and pubic speaking, and in matric, he was head of Droste House.

He was a Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund boy and he is very grateful for the support he received. “I was given the opportunity to attend a school like Jeppe, and I got plenty of help and encouragement by the Fund, particularly from my tutor, Mr Shai,” he said.

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