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Gianni is our sixth Honours Blazers recipient

Gianni is our sixth Honours Blazers recipient

Our 2023 head prefect, Gianni Roman, became the sixth Jeppe High School for Boys learner to be awarded an Honours Blazer after he received full colours for Basketball at the summer sports awards assembly at the end of the first term.

That sports full colours award completed the trio of requirements for the Honours Blazer – full colours for Academics, Cultural Activities and Sport.

Gianni earned Academic full colours when he was in Grade 10 when he achieved an average of over 85%, an award that was given to him at the beginning of his Grade 11 year. It was re-awarded at the beginning of this year, for an average of 92% in Grade 11. He was also the Dux Scholar for the year.

His Cultural Activities full colours award was for Public Speaking, awarded last year. He was invited to the SDCSA finals evening last year and received an award for the best MC. His team won the best prepared speech competition in the JFA league, and his was the best individual speech. He was awarded full colours for those achievements.

Gianni has played basketball for the school ever since grade 8, although he missed most of last year due to injury. He was captain of the first team this year and led them to several famous victories. He was awarded full colours for the sport.

“When I was in Grade 8 I would look at the names on the Honours Blazer board and I decided then that I would go for it,” he said. “I knew it was a rare thing, and I later learnt that you needed to be an all-rounder to qualify for it. I am delighted that I have achieved it.”

His year as head prefect this year began as a challenge, but it’s getting better now, he said. “The demands on my time were almost overwhelming at first, but I’ve become better at time-management and organising my life and I’m enjoying it now,” he said.

Putting the head prefect in Droste House with the Grade 8s is a great idea, he believes. “You live with them are there to guide them and protect them, and to act as a role model who is in close contact with them all the time. It’s good for the school that the new boys are on the right track from early on, and it’s important for them to be integrated into the school in the right way.”

Gianni came to the school in Grade 8 on a Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund bursary. He says it has made a massive difference in his life. “I could never have afforded to come to Jeppe otherwise,” he said. “I will always be grateful to those who have helped me on this journey.”

Right now, he is looking forward to the Public Speaking season – it’s what he really enjoys – and then it will be the start of the run up to the final exams, where he will be going all out for a full house of eight distinctions.

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