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Dhiran – always at your service

Dhiran – always at your service

Dhiran Chetty is another of those gems that we have at Jeppe – a service-minded boy who loves to help out wherever he can, and for whom nothing is too much trouble.

He is captain of the school’s Emergency Care Club, and also assists with the sound, lighting and audio-visual operations at a variety of events and occasions at the school. An example of what that means was evident last Saturday when, after spending all afternoon at First Aid practice ahead of their Inter-High on Sunday (which Jeppe won for the ninth year in a row), he had to rush to the Memorial Hall to help with the set up for the Football Dinner that night. He only got home – fortunately just across the road at Oribi House – at 10pm.

“I’ve always liked being of service,” he said. “It started when I was at primary school, at Crawford Lonehill, were I helped with all sorts of things and eventually became the head boy.”

He then chose to come to Jeppe, because he liked the idea of a busy school with lots of activities. “I have always been impressed by paramedics, that job and lifestyle strikes me as cool and from early on, that’s what I wanted to be,” he said. “When I came to Jeppe I was impressed with all the medical equipment and the role the boys play, so from early on I have been involved in the club.

“I have completed the three First Aid levels of qualification, thanks to our teacher in charge, Mr Green, and I intend studying further in the field after school. My goal is to become a full helicopter-rated paramedic eventually, which is a highly specialised qualification.”

Working at events and sport fixtures at the school can vary from boring, when you sit there all day without being needed, Dhiran explains, to a frenetic, highly stressful Saturday winter fixture against another big school, when you can be run off your feet.

“I enjoy the adrenaline rush, but also being there to re-assure an injured player and to bring some relief,” he said.

You’ll spot Dhiran on Saturday with his team, next to the pool, courts or fields, and probably on Sunday again, doing the sound and lights at some rehearsal in the hall.

We are lucky to have him at Jeppe.

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